The ONE and ONLY solution you’ll ever need to SPEED UP your web apps.

Plugins available for:

LSCache for WordPress

LSCache for Magento

LSCache for Joomla

LSCache for Prestashop

LSCache for Opencart

LSCache for Drupal

LSCache for xenForo

LSCache for Laravel

LSCache for Shopware

LSCache for MediaWiki

Or build your own.

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Our Best Features

Cache Crawler

Serve pre-cached content and minimize visitor wait time

Server Side Caching

Available with LiteSpeed Web Server, OpenLiteSpeed, Web ADC and

Intelligent Caching

Keep cache accurate and up-to-date with tag-based Smart Purge

eCommerce Support

Cache shopping carts and other pages with private content

CDN Integration

Maximize site performance with purpose-built Quic.Cloud CDN

Why is LSCache Special

LSCache is a powerful and flexible server-level cache solution that is built directly into LiteSpeed Web Server. Our cache plugins are available for a variety of popular web apps, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, and more. And since LSCache is controlled through simple rewrite rules, it’s easy enough to use without a plugin on your bespoke apps.

Who is LSCache for


Your customers demand top-performing sites. LSCache plugins have been crafted to provide the best accelerated performance, even in shared hosting environments. Furthermore, it does so without the usual headaches involved in traditional shared hosting cache management. ​


LSCache is controlled with simple rewrite rules, making it easy to incorporate into your web app projects. LiteSpeed encourages you to write LSCache plugins for any apps that don’t have one. Create an open source LSCache extension for any web app, and we will promote it among our own.

Site Owner

You may have a small site with minimal requirements, or maybe you are at the head of a thriving eCommerce empire. Either way, you know that a pleasant user experience is paramount to cultivating a healthy following. Our LSCache can keep your sites running fast and your visitors coming back.​


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As an Developer i used many Cache Plugins over the time. Often based on my customer requests. There is simply no competition to Litespeed Cache out there!
Ankit C
Ankit C
Senior Editor
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... Litespeed cache plugin is the best cache plugin I've come across. I found it better even from WP-rocket plugin.
Shivam S
Shivam S
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With their Litespeed Cache Plugin available to mostly all popular CMS'es and unbeatable Webserver Architecture, we can provide speed to our users without compromising on security or functionality.
Agency in Information Technology and Services
Agency in Information Technology and Services
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It's changed the game for all of our clients, especially the caching mechanisms allowing for excellent concurrency and user experience.
Joe Streno
Joe Streno
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It’s the 1st cache to ever give me 95% page speed score. But even in real life … my pages load faster than ever before! Amazing!

Speed up Your Web Apps with a Feature-Packed solution

Turbo-charge popular web apps with minimal fuss, handle traffic spikes with ease, and precisely manage cache with our powerful Smart Purge technology.