About LSCache

About LSCache

Flexible and customizable, the LSCache engine provides a simple but highly effective way to deliver your content, FAST.

What is Cache?

Caching solutions provide the opportunity to speed up website loading time. While every time a user wants to visit a website, the website has to be recreated, caching removes that necessity.

Cache solutions save a copy of the website so the next time a user visits a web page, the copy is sent to the user, speeding up the entire process. As everyone knows, a speedy process keeps the website visitors coming back.

What is an LSCache Plugin

A plugin is simply an add-on to software that provides its users with extra functionalities.

LSCache plugins give our users the ability to use LSCache with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. All LiteSpeed plugins are offered free of charge.

Users with LiteSpeed plugins can quickly and efficiently adjust settings for time to live, image optimization, the correct pages to cache, etc.

To sum it up, LSCache plugins give you the control to conveniently adjust it to your needs and speed up your site.

Learn more about our current plugin offerings now.

What Makes LSCache Special?

LiteSpeed server products all ship with an LSCache engine. This module powers the caching and purging of content through the use of rewrite rules and HTTP headers.

A fast site is especially important for visitor retention and for search engine page ranking! Through the LSCache module, LiteSpeed servers store snapshots of dynamically-generated content. Without these snapshots, the server would need to undertake a resource-intensive process of regenerating the content for every visitor request. Caching is a simple, but highly effective way to serve a site quickly and efficiently.

LSCache is flexible and customizable, making it the ideal solution for accelerating all kinds of web-based content. LiteSpeed offers a range of plugins for popular web apps like WordPress and Joomla, as well as guidance for developers who would like to create LSCache extensions for their bespoke applications.

Web Server/ADC/CDN


LSCache Engine


LSCache Plugin

Web Server/ADC/CDN

Unlike most other caching solutions, LSCache is built directly into the LiteSpeed software it is working with. Being a part of the same server gives LSCache the ability to compute and process more information than any other caching solution, making intelligent caching and purging possible.

LSCache Engine

The engine works as the center of the operation between the LiteSpeed software and its LSCache plugins. The plugins provide the LSCache engine with more information on how to use the web server, ADC, or CDN, to meet the requests of the users.

LSCache Plugin

LSCache has plugins for all of the most popular CMSs, such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. These plugins are created in a way that allows each CMS to take advantage of specific aspects of the CMS, creating the most efficient caching solutions for each situation.

How to Get LSCache‚Äč

In only a few minutes you can begin using LSCache with one of the highly efficient LiteSpeed products.



Server-Level Full-Page Cache‚Äč

Plugins communicate directly with LiteSpeed Web Server to store static copies of dynamically-generated web pages.

Edge Side Includes (ESI)

ESI lets you "punch holes" in a publicly cached page, and then fill those holes with private content.

Private Cache

Cache personalized copies of a page, in situations where the content is pertinent only to the user who requests it.

Browser Cache Support

Facilitates storing static content locally on the user's device to avoid the expense of re-downloading files.


Use pattern-matching rules to cache multiple public copies of a page based on cookies, visitor location, and more.

Stale Cache

Minimizes impact of page updates by serving the previous cache entry to all but the first visitor while a page is building.


The LSCache Engine provides flexibility, ease of use, extreme efficiency, and endless possibilities.
The 6 capabilities listed above give users all the tools necessary to create a plugin and customize a cache solution that functions however you want it to. All it takes to get started is adding a few response headers. By hashing certain variables, it can determine if something is cached or not. LSCache is neither time nor space costly when performing intelligent tasks.

There's An LSCache Plugin for Most Popular Apps