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Get LSCache through any of our 4 products, LiteSpeed Web Server, OpenLiteSpeed. LiteSpeed Web ADC and CDN; LSCache comes included by default. All LiteSpeed products are made to be efficient, easy to use and manage, highly secure, and extremely fast.

LiteSpeed Web Server and LiteSpeed Web ADC require a license to use. OpenLiteSpeed can be downloaded. CDN requires users to sign up online and its for WordPress ONLY currently.

Make your LSCache experience even better by also utilizing one of our adaptable plugins. You can also develop a custom plugin for any web application of your choice.

Find your title below to get started using LSCache. It only takes a few minutes to take advantage of the many benefits!


Add speed to your client’s websites by adding LSCache to your server. Get one of our LiteSpeed products, and use one of our many plugins to connect LSCache with your favorite web applications.



Use your skills and follow our Developer’s Guide to create your own cache plugin for the web application of your choice.


Site Owner

Easily speed up your site by picking a host that offers LSCache. Check out the LiteSpeed Technologies Partner List┬áto find the best host for you. If you’d like to use double the LSCache, sign up for CDN too and receive even more opportunities.


There's An LSCache Plugin for Most Popular Apps