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Awesome plugin 5*

First of all, let me start by saying that LiteSpeed Cache is an absolute game-changer when it comes to optimizing website performance. I have used many caching plugins in the past, but none of them compare to LiteSpeed Cache in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of use.

One of the things that I love about LiteSpeed Cache is that it’s incredibly easy to set up and configure. With just a few clicks, I was able to configure caching for my entire website and start seeing significant improvements in page load times. The plugin is also incredibly user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and customize.

But what really sets LiteSpeed Cache apart is its advanced optimization features. From browser caching to minification to lazy loading, LiteSpeed Cache has all the tools you need to optimize your website for lightning-fast performance. Plus, the plugin is fully compatible with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.

If you’re looking to take your website performance to the next level, this plugin is an absolute must-have. Five stars all the way!

Great Plugin 100% recommended

it does the job for its main purpose flawlessly, plus gives you extra functionalities that will save you the issue of having extra 5-7 plugins to do the same amount of work this plugin alone pulls off.


Using LiteSpeed Cache solely for Memcached. My site was fast, now BLAZING FAST!

Only (free), user friendly and most importantly, well maintained option for Memcached on The Repo that I personally could get to work, and work well it does, with ZERO errors…And for that alone, 5-Stars!

Finally, a GREAT Cache Plugin

After almost a year of trying different caching plugins, image optimizers, page optimizers, I found this one and OMG, the functions of the free version are outstanding, but I spent $5 and my page speed went from 3.8 seconds to 0.2, unreal.

This is the shit if you need to speed things up…and I just got started with it 2 days ago.

Litespeed Cache Two Thumbs Up

Litespeed Cache for WordPress is the go-to plugin for supercharging your website! It’s incredibly easy to install, configure and use so even a novice user can quickly get up and running with improved site performance.

It offers an exclusive server-level cache which greatly helps with page loading speeds and also has a collection of optimization features that can further optimize your site.

Plus, it supports WordPress Multisite and is compatible with many popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress and Yoast SEO.

In short, this plugin is a must have for any WordPress user looking to enhance their website’s performance. Highly recommended!

All in one!

This plug in does it all, specially if you are a happy litespeed server user like myself.
You can benefit from serious speed with the memcached or redis object cache.
The image optimization section is incomparable. You can optimize countless images for free and also make use of the webp replacement, which automatically detects devices that don’t support that extension, rendering the optimized jpg.

All in all, a great plug in to make your life easier and your site faster!

Thanks a lot!

Best caching plugin for WordPress

If you have a wordpress website running on a litespeed server, combining the litespeed server with this caching plugin is the best.

This is hands down the best caching plugin ever created. It does everything for free!

Love it! A must-have

I tried a lot of Cache and/or other optimisation plugins, but LiteSpeed Cache is the best free plugin for that.

Highly recommended and advised by my web hosting supplier to mitigate my website’s impact on mutualised server resources.




最最离谱的是它还完全开源免费,比WP Rocket感觉更强力。

Çok memnun kaldım, çok teşekkür ederim.

Daha önce bir çok ön bellek eklentisi kullandım ancak hiç biri Litespeed cache kadar başarılı olmadı.

Gerçekten işe yarayan harika bir uygulama emeği geçen herkese çok teşekkür ederim.iyi varsınız sayenizde web sitem hızlandı.

Çalismalarinizda başarılarınızın artarak devam etmesini dilerim.

LiteSpeed Cache Le meilleur de sa catégorie!

Mon site est devenu véloce grace à LiteSpeed Cache. Avec juste quelques réglages.

Tableau de bord très convivial!

Je recommande LiteSpeed Cache à tout ceux pour qui les scores de performance sur PageSpeed Insights sont important de l’installer et vite! C’est à dire à tout le monde, quoi..


Just activated Lite Speed Cache. Improved my Page Load Speed by 92% and Page Speed Score by 58%!!!

My business website just went from scoring terribly to an “A” on GT Metrix and high 80s on Page Speed Insights.

Thanks, Lite Speed!! 


Google’s Pagespeed score has climbed all the way up thanks to LiteSpeed Cache and is now completely in the green. Really amazing.

Best of all, this plugin walks you through the setup process. Piece of cake. Tip: install immediately.

Fantastic cache plugin

I enjoyed all the many free features of this plugin so much, I added Litespeed to my VPS server. The results I’m getting are amazing.

The preset feature is really easy to use, and roll back if you get something that’s not working.

The documentation and tooltips make it easy for someone like me to make my site fast with perfect pagespeed scores. Love it, love it, love it!

Vital if you can care about perfomance!

I´m using a hosting (KnownHost) that have a LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager implemented, that I use in conjuction with LiteSpeed Cache for WP plugin and, and together deliver amazing performance speed to the site.

It has a learning curve how to use it properly, like it should be, because many settings depends on each case scenario, but there is plenty of documentation, videos and third part crafted tutorial, so you can learn to use it properly in time.

Support is good, they answer on time, and overall, I pick up the hosting server for my customers only if they have LiteSpeed implemented from now on.

It´s worthy the hassle.

Overall, a great piece of software and a great support team.

Fantastic support from the team at Litespeed

We've recently upgraded our web servers to Litespeed and we're amazed at the difference in performance. We needed some support in ironing out a few teething problems and the team at Litespeed couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. They looked into the problems we were having and found a solution quickly and gave us instructions on how to resolve it. Big shout out to Jackson and Gary who spent time helping us.

Our customers are already commenting on how much quicker our sites are loading and that, for us, is what getting Litespeed Enterprise Web Server was all about.

I can't think of anything - we've been impressed so far!!

My most recent usage of litespeed server

The best feature I like about Litespeed Web Server has GUI. It's very friendly, easy to use, and fast. except that I like the LoadBalancing feature. Also, it is very fast because it has a cache engine.

I have not found anything bad so far. The product is awesome and continuously improving.

Leading edge performance for High performance servers

Litespeed web server helps streamline resource usage and maximizes server performance, security and compatibility. It's faster and more powerful than traditional caching, and typically loads 2-5x faster. The perfect blend of performance, compatibility and features.

I have used litespeed web server and have to say that it is fastest. i am also happy with how easy to install or configure.

Fantastic Server

LiteSpeed has pretty consistent speed. To that end, it seems like it's fast enough that the whole stack appears to have headroom built into it.

In this way, the TTFB and load-speed of everything I've tested on it has had very little variability.

That means that it's consistently handling anything I've thrown at it with ease and almost nothing slows it down.

That power means that I've ticked off another item of low-hanging fruit and can now concentrate on other achievements.

It just makes life easier and simpler and results in a bit less work.

Also, the WordPress caching plugin is as fully-featured and effective as even the most complicated ones I've tried elsewhere. Supercache, Totalcache, Hypercache and a few others.

Big fan. Haven't had any problems yet, just great results.

I haven't had any problems with it so far.

Nothing to dislike.

Litespeed: the Game Changer for Speed Oriented Devs

I personally use litespeed for both dedicated and VPS installs usually without any 3rd party interface like WHM.

The improvements in page load times and response times for the aps are great and I find it flexible enough even from a power user's perspective.

For Magento and WordPress it does wonders and switching to it was the best advice I could give to my clients.

Excellent web server! Unbeatable.

I've used LSWS for some time now, Litespeed Cache and Litemage are absolute game-changers, it's simple and easy to troubleshoot, and it also provides great metrics and troubleshooting help.


If you're serious about website success online, LiteSpeed is a brilliant and affordable tool - and if you get stuck, ask for Jackson! He's your man.

The web is still full of poorly engineered and optimised business websites, which is great news for anyone who knows what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Like many small agencies, my reputation depends on the success of my business clients' websites - when they're successful, I am too. While there is plenty of nuance, the bottom line is this - speed = money, bookings, sales, and awareness.

I've tried every optimisation tool and technique under the sun (e.g. WP Rocket, ShortPixel, WPMU, etc) - but at the end of the day, I also need to be profitable, so my solutions need to be easily implemented, highly-effective, well-supported, and affordable.

Since I started managing my own server farms, those things are important more than ever - and that's what I got with LiteSpeed. It's now a staple dev tool for speed and optimisation efforts - because it works.

Yesterday's site came up 100% for both mobile and desktop on Google PageSpeed, that's no small potatoes. It was this site that I was working on all day yesterday when I ran into some difficulty with one issue. After a 14 hour day, I had all but given up on the idea of sorting before tomorrow when I sent out my SOS to LiteSpeed for input.

I never counted on a reply so bloody quickly - less than 1 hour (after hours too), with a simple solution (of course), so I came back to implement it - that's when I got my Google PageSpeed results - what a result!?

Great timing, Jackson - a big thank you for that and the reason for my review today.

The bottom line: LiteSpeed isn't a pretty face, but it does a bloody good job, and comes with all the bells and whistles a website needs to be successful online.

I highly recommend them, obviously. And if you get stuck, don't forget - ask for Jackon, he's your man 😉

One of the best Support I ever experienced!!!

In today's world where new technologies spring up like mushrooms after the rain, it is very difficult to stay on top. One of the essentials of large IT companies is their technical support.

In my 25+ years in the IT business, I've been in some sort of contact with technical support staff almost every day. I have no words to describe the pleasant response I encountered with the support of LiteSpeed ​​Technologies, and not only that, but great knowledge can be seen and felt in every sentence.

And I also have to add that agility is in development where fixes are incorporated in a very short time frame (read same day) and become official as a final product. And you also submit the same in cooperation with other companies that use their products and services.

The essence of all of the above comes from a great expert who adorns such a serious company and I would be remiss if I did not mention his name, which is Eric. I hope that Eric will be an example to other companies of how to run their business, and what kind of people should be employed in such places.

Many thanks once again!!!

Dragan Petrovic

Lead Stack Developer of Coral

Best Software... Best Support !!!

This company with its software is the best i ever used! The support is awesomeeeeee and available in seconds. The support guys will try to solve your issue until it's solved even if the issue is not directly related to the litespeed. I find it world class!

The software and the technology is also easier to use and has the best performance and provide the best results for your web infrastructure!!

I am really happy to use Litespeed and i will definetely recommend to everyone around me and use it to any of my current project and future project !

Thank you Litespeed !

Downtime? I don't even know whats that. 😉

When you think of reliable servers, fast like no other and without security problems, you think of LiteSpeed.

We have spent years of a combination between Cyberpanel + LiteSpeed Enterprise that has only brought us the best of experiences: practically not intervening in the servers other than to update. Downtime? I don't even know whats that. 😉

Excellent Support

I set up a simple eCommerce store for a Liquor Store using licensed LSWS. I had a conflict in my plugins where there was a conflict and my product pages wouldn't be optimized.

The LS tech team quickly identified the issue and determined where things fell apart on the WP Plugins which were working against Litespeed Cache..

The support was amazing, and went above and beyond what a typical support desk does. They kept me informed, and asked the right questions instead of blanket form letters.

A refreshing experience after dealing with large companies and their "support".

I like the particular attention to detail they gave given our website was very small in the grand scheme of things..

Money well spent to use their licensed product.

Best plugin for speed.

I’ve been a huge fan of performance optimizations. I’ve done everything from total cache to auto optimize to an array of plugins to “tweak” the heck out of my sites. Most recently I have been using WP Rocket on NGINX servers. This has worked great.

In the past few months I’ve been using OpenLightspeed servers and added this plugin to them. Holy crap. The results are impressive.

I moved over a dozen sites over and haven’t looked back. Including an Ecommerce site that gets 35k views a week + orders. This stack fixed the problems that Kinsta seemed to ignore, telling me to upgrade my service. I’m saving a fortune now.


Fastest Sites Ever

I’ve been a huge fan of performance optimizations. I’ve done everything from total cache to auto optimize to an array of plugins to “tweak” the heck out of my sites. Most recently I have been using WP Rocket on NGINX servers. This has worked great.

In the past few months I’ve been using OpenLightspeed servers and added this plugin to them. Holy crap. The results are impressive.

I moved over a dozen sites over and haven’t looked back. Including an Ecommerce site that gets 35k views a week + orders. This stack fixed the problems that Kinsta seemed to ignore, telling me to upgrade my service. I’m saving a fortune now.


Litespeed cache is truly a masterpiece!

Litespeed cache is truly a masterpiece! My site is running much faster (average loading times are 1-2 secs sometimes even less than before (4-6 secs). Mind you, my site is heavy on javascript (I have a 3D avatar chatbot containing an mp4 file, notification popups, woocommerce installed, uncompressed images, etc.). If I strip these superfluous add-ons as well as optimize my images, average loading time will be under 1 sec. This goes to show that even with these constraints, Litespeed has enough horsepower to still make a positive difference in loading times.

I was also mesmerized by their active support team on slack. Usually whenever something is for free, support diminishes. My experience was the complete opposite. I thought the slack channel would be dead like ghost town, but much to my surprise, I got all my questions answered. I had no trouble with their competent team. They answered all my demanding questions productively with enough details not to leave me in bewilderment.

When I paired Litespeed cache with Cloudflare it substantially rejuvenated my site. A perfect performance enhancer without spending any money. Luckily, my host has Litespeed servers in place otherwise the plugin won't work.

All and all, Litespeed is definitely paving the way for caching! Might I also add how multi-faceted their free plugin is? You can compress images similar to Shortpixel or Tinypng and optimize your database (cleaning post revisions, removing transient options, etc.) similar to wp-optimize or autoptimize. I never seen a caching plugin do so many chores at once.

This saves on bloat (you dont need to install additional plugins for these types of jobs). And I am sure down the road, they will add more features and customization options for image compression. It has most of what you need for free. No need to spend extra dollars on Shortpixel and any other paid image optimization plugin.

I highly recommend Litespeed over WP rocket, W3 Total Cache, SG Optimizer, and any other caching plugin. It's simple to configure with robust loading speeds! And if you get lost in the tracks, rest assured, their hands-on tutorial guides and slack channel won't leave you hanging.

You guys deserve an academy award! I wish the Litespeed team all of God's blessings for a healthy business sustenance!

Superb plugin 

When you’re looking for dozens of features to optimize your site but need one plugin, then litespeed plugin is here. Very good job, from traditional cache to object cache and all other unique featured, including image optimization. Its what I really needed for my site.

Litespeed Kicks Ass

The combination of the LiteSpeed server software, WP cache plugin and CDN is unbeatable. I tried configuring all different kinds of plugins to work together to achieve the same things. Don’t waste your time.

LiteSpeed works far better and the few bucks it costs to add it to your server is a no brainer.

Number 1 Speed PlugIn

Best Caching System + Js, CSS, HTML minification.

Even it has Image Optimization service too. (OMG) It will make you delete some plug in too.

Litespeed server + Litespeed Cache = 🔥🔥 BOOM 🔥🔥


I was having troubles with decent wordpress performance overall. Once i put Martynas from MC2 on the task to figure this high load / high TTFB he came with the idea to use Litespeed on one of my servers. Paired with a few other tweaks such as Modsecurity OWASP and some other sauce, i gotta site litespeed is the number one sollution and integration that furfills any of my needs. Any plugin that i used to use can be ditched from this point on, and perfectly configured to my needs. In order to use this you need however a litespeed capable server (or get a license yourself, for 35 a month) but the return is a big phat 10/10 in both performance and load.

I think i run 40 wordpress sites on litespeed right now and the TTFB is extremely well at this point. Where normally without litespeed, every wordpress website consumed 120 to 350MB to spawn open just ONE page per visitor, this pretty much packs it down to ready to push chunks of data and keep the resource requirement EXTREMELY low.

A recommendation for anyone that needs improvement on the wordpress.

Blazing Fast Website Speed Optimization Plugin

I don’t want to exaggerate anything in my review but the experience I had through this plugin is really so amazing that It may not seem a normal one.

But to be honest, this plugin has extremely well-optimized functionality, features and the best part of it is their support. I’ve been using many other WordPress plugins/extensions but have never come across such helpful support.

And another thing which is also pretty lucrative is that this plugin supports to cache mobile-optimized pages separately unlike other speed optimization plugins.

Top of the Pops!

Most top-level caching plugins are nigh-on similar in performance once you spend time tuning them. Where LiteSpeed cache breaks the mould is it’s ability to do the job of five plugins easily.

For me it’s replacing:

1. W3 Total Cache.

2. WP Optimize.

3. Autoptimize.

4. Plus LazyLoading WebP images.

It’s absolutely brilliant, especially if you use Hostinger or another company onboard with LiteSpeed server. Even the speed you flick through the menu tabs is twice as fast as other WordPress plugins.

Download it now and you’ll be able to set it up in 15 minutes.

Definitely my new favourite caching plugin.

Must Have!!! Improved Site Loading 300%

The website optimized my site and more. it loads in ridiculously fast speed.

They’re cloud hosting has improved my site loading speed by 300%. it lets me get away with using cheap hosting.

Crazy Fast Site Speeds

I'm using Litespeed cache with Namehero Litespeed hosting Page speeds are insanely fast.

Double AA score on GTMetrix when paired with Cloudflare and Railgun So many configuration options ....

Highly recommended

Just Amazing Resolved My Life

There are no words to describe it, I’m not a simple user, I’m a software engineer with Linux and architect background. Said it just to ground my opinion, this plugin with Open LiteSpeed or LiteSpeed webservice is the faster I have every see.

Before I was using about 3 Linux crons to generate and control Nginx cache, and get many errors with plugins cache (as they generate by their owns), so it was a mess. I got nginx working with a great cache solution, but some times just lost CSS format and it got really bad to discovery it! Another time Elementor just stop to generate css, so I eventually end up creating a code to refresh page after save.

Well this all was resolved with LiteSpeed and this specific plugin that gave me the power and flexibility to manage my site from back panel. To be more specific today, my solution is Digital Ocean (20$ server setup – just 2 cpu with 4gb) with liteSpeed and MariaDB. Site is so fast, that some times I have to clear my browser cache and refresh it just to make myself believe it. And must say.

Now it’s everything just going great, when I edit or create a new post with Elementor, LiteSpeed just generates a new copy and cache it for me. I don’t even have to hit the page twice. The only thing that you should know is, to get the best from plugin, you should have some webservice knowledge, but you should be fine with defaults!


The best and most advanced WordPress cache

In combination with LiteSpeed server it is the top state-of-the-art solution for the WordPress site performance.

For companies concerned with their sales we recommend testing out the LightSpeed Enterprise server in combination with LSCache, as it really makes a difference vs. Apache and Nginx. Recent progress with Cyberpanel as alternative to Plesk or CPanel can much help with it.

We congratulate the LS development team for bringing together such advanced functionalities in caching, including excellent image optimisation or the groundbreaking CDN, the QUIC cloud (the first CDN to cache dynamic content of a WordPress site). The free alternative of OpenLiteSpeed server is also very impressive and fast growing.

Summarizing LSCache is not just the best and most advanced WordPress cache, but a gateway to the new full stack web technology, that challanges the LAMP/LNMP models.

Best Caching Plugin As I Know

I have developed 50+ WordPress Sites. I Have Used Lots Of Hosting and Cloud Servers, also Used Lots of Free and Premium WordPress Caching Plugins. But LiteSpeed Cache Is All I ever wanted.

One a Single Word, LiteSpeed Server + LiteSpeed Cache + WordPress = Rocket Speed!

Now My All WP Sites are loaded within a few milliseconds. Sometimes, It’s hard to believe that, LiteSpeed cache is a Free Plugin!

Excellent and complete plugin

I deleted many plugins and replaced them with LiteSpeed, because has many functions and is better to have all in one.

The only thing i don´t use is minification and all related with css and javascript. Still Autoptimize compress more mi site without breaking it.

But congratulations, really really nice plugin

Works well with QUIC cdn

I experienced a rise in page speed after installing LSCWP and QUIC CDN.
However, compared with other cache plugins, its easier to install and configure than w3 cache but more complex compared with WP rocket.

Best in Class

I am on Light Speed Enterprise and using Ezoic, but still, it is doing phenomenal work In terms of caching. Just loving it. OLS/LSWS+LS Cache= Sky Rocket the Performance.

First Caching-Plugin that didn’t break anything

I’ve tried a ton of different caching plugins. Seems like I can finally stick with one.

CSS and JS minification would always break something on my website. LSCache handles it perfectly. Thanks for speeding up my site.

If You’re Using LiteSpeed Server

If you’re using LiteSpeed server, oh boy, are you in a show.

I’ve been using various caching plugins, but when I saw that LiteSpeed cache in my CPanel, I knew it was time to live premium.

This is by far the best caching solution you can ever have.

Love the plugin

I have recently started to use this plugin and I can honestly say I will not use anything else.

This is by far the best cache plugin I have used so far.

WOW!! I am getting stunning results from using this.

Special thanks to Adam from WPCrafter for recommending it on his YouTube channel! 🙂

Also thank you so much to the LiteSpeed team for a fantastic plugin that really impressed me a lot and for making my life much easier 🙂


Realmente o melhor e mais completo plugin para seu site.

Esse é um daqueles Plugins que não podem faltar.
Acreditem ele melhorou 75% a velocidade de meu site.
A equipe de suporte fez um excelente trabalho.
Não tenham preguiça de entrar em contato com eles, pois o suporte é total.
Obrigado LiteSpeed.

Fantastic Plugin Cache

Free plugin with premium functions that can be achieved by optimizing any website built with WordPress. The technical support is even better, they give you quick solutions. I have used WPROCKETS and it is the opposite of LiteSpeed. I recommend anyone to give this great plugin a try. If you have any problem do not worry that they will help you.

Best cache plugin. Ever!

I have tried a few cache plugins and this by far, is the best. It’s easy to use, and the documentation is complete and easy to understand. It even has image optimisation and you can easily switch between optimised/unoptimised images to see the difference. And it’s free. What more can you ask for. I am using LiteSpeed servers and LSCache and my website now loads at 1/2 the time it used to take. THANK YOU guys so much! And did I mention? Support is also 100% amazing. 🙂

A truly amazing service, in every possible way

I decided to give this plugin a shot mostly for its Critical CSS feature, as it is the only one I came across that makes this process that simple. There are so many other features that I ended up loving in it, though; being able to combine multiple CSS/JS files, the option to show a blurry version of images until the actual ones are downloaded (instead of that single-coloured box that most websites use), and that lovely lazyloading thing that I used to use a different plugin for, to name a few.

As for the documentation, it was perfect for me and I’m not really a technical person. I mean, things explode in my screen all the time.

Also, I can’t get excited enough about the support. Kevin on Slack was immensely helpful; his responses were quick and straight to the point.

Will definitely spread the word

Crazy Fast Site Speeds

Im using Litespeed cache with Namehero Litespeed hosting
Page speeds are insanely fast
Double AA score on GTMetrix when paired with Cloudflare and Railgun
So many configuration options, spent a good few hours testing to get best results
Highly recommended

Father of cache Plugin🚀🚀🚀

Super plugin, so I call #The father of cache Plugin drastically reduced server resource use,,, using lscache uniquely with
#lscahe + #autoptimise + #wp-supercache

Some of u might think #what the heck…🤩

Try it out #triple plugin Power⚡⚡⚡

There's An LSCache Plugin for Most Popular Apps